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Silicon Valley: “Intellectual Property”

by Jason Godfrey
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Following Dinesh’s short reign of CEO of Piper Chat, Richard is still hopped up on caffeine and whatever else he’s doing to stay awake until the point that he has no idea what sleep feels like. He walks to see his doctor because he has all this energy and needs an excuse to walk somewhere. It’s not like his doctor gives him any useful advice anyway.

Jin Yang is trying to pitch his recipe app to a VC, which quickly gets turned into a “Shazam for food” idea. While it sounds like a great idea and something that would easily attract many users, how would it even work? Would it recognize the shape and consistency of a dish, measure its size, and then tell you everything it could from a database of nutritional value per gram of each ingredient? Perhaps I’m reading too much into this. The point is that as soon as Erlich sees a way of making a buck, he’s focused on that rather than considering how an idea can be executed. So begins Erlich’s quest to sell snake oil.

Part of the backlash of Hooli acquiring Piper Chat, Gavin Belson is fired. I almost feel sorry for the guy. In his pursuit to destroy his biggest competition, he destroyed himself. I only almost feel sorry for him because he was a jerk to almost everyone he encountered, which is why I’m surprised nobody spoke ill of him when given the opportunity when he said farewell. I guess they all know that in the valley, power shifts happen so often, it’s difficult to know who to be loyal or disloyal to. Pied Piper changed hands at least four times alone. Gavin lost his job and regained it last season. I guess it’s better to bite your tongue than having your head on a spike when your words bite you in the ass later on.

Monica sets a trap for Ed, thanks to the information from Richard that Erlich and Jin’s app is nothing more than vaporware. Once he proves that he’s a bad investment, Monica is sure to get her old position back. I couldn’t help wondering how much of Monica’s “telephone conversation” he heard through the door and over the sound of the urinal flushing. That and there’s no way he washed his hands. The urinal was flushing for a whole 1.5 seconds.

Dinesh gets an email from an admirer. He single-handedly took down a giant. Of course, it was because he peed his pants and the giant slipped in the resulting puddle… figuratively speaking, I mean. At the risk of being “murdered,” he answers the email so he can meet a woman.

Richard follows the lead he gets from Monica that Peter Gregory may have been on the same idea that he has. He finds out that not only did he have the same idea, but he has the missing piece of the equation: a compression algorithm that can make it possible. Jared’s scream was hilarious and his face was a bit scary. Please, internet, make it into a meme or a music video. The internet feels incomplete now without such a thing.

Only Big Head would get talked into teaching a class at university and not realize it. All the hints were there, but he was clueless as always. I was disappointed they didn’t show even a few seconds of him attempting to speak in front of the class. Instead, we get his shocked expression as he said “Oh no” at the realization that he wasn’t actually a student. It was still funny.

All the plots of the episode converge the second to the last scene: Big Head states how his day at school was horrible because he had to teach, Dinesh learns that he’s in an intimate relationship with an elite hacker that has no idea he accidentally took Gavin Belson down, Monica’s trap backfired and her job depends on an app that is barely a concept, and the intellectual property of Richard’s new internet belongs to Gavin Belson.

The episode ends with Richard entering Gavin’s property. What will happen in the next episode? Will Richard finally make a deal with the devil? Will Monica lose her job before she even gets it back? Will Dinesh feel the wrath of MI4? Let’s take a look at the sneak peek of the next episode.

As with previous episodes, you read the latest articles on Code Rag like Belson’s exit from Hooli or updates on Hooli’s website like a letter from Jack and an official press release.

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