Silicon Valley: “Daily Active Users”


This week on Silicon Valley, we learn many interesting ideas. We learn that statistics are important when launching a new program, but specific statistics are more important than others. We learn Guilfoyle is a human lie-detector. And we learn Jared is not the sweet, little innocent that he seems. While total downloads are in the multiple hundred thousands, daily active users is nowhere close to that. When you want to consider the success of your product, it isn’t who just buys it.  It is the person who buys it and then continuously uses it.  I can go buy a tube of toothpaste.  But if I don’t actually use the toothpaste, it doesn’t mean much.  Well, it means I lack some basic hygiene skills.

The main problem with the platform stems from what Monica was trying to convey: that ordinary folks don’t know what to do with it.  They can’t understand it, and if you can’t understand it then what is the point of using it?  Richard and his team go into hyper-drive finding ways to explain the platform and help people understand that it is really really…really cool.  But that’s not easy, and it is most certainly not cheap.  Check out this promotional video.

So…tables are pretty important?  That was the point, right?  It wasn’t?  Are you sure?  That adorable excuse of an ad campaign is not going to sell anyone on a program they don’t understand.  But with finances being tight, the equivalent of the Microsoft Word talking paper clip is all the team can afford.  And Pipey, is just as annoying as that paper clip bastard.

Jared decides to take drastic measures, which is so unlike Jared.  He seems to be the kind of guy who thinks out his grocery list before going to the store.  Or picks out his outfit and lays it out the night before.  Or makes sure there is always toilet paper in the bathroom before guests come over.  He plans, and thinks things over.  But not today.  Today he is Action Jared, doing what he feels needs to be done.  Long terms effects unforeseen, or not cared about. As things continue to unfold, it will be interesting to see what comes from his choices and if everyone will praise or chastise him. At the very least, we know Guilfoyle’s ability to see lies isn’t foolproof.

Over at Hooli, Gaven is having his own situation.  The board wants him out to pasture, or rather, roof.  But a kind word from a random worker gives Gavin a foot back in the door.  He uses his powers for evil (of course he does) and a familiar face reemerges. Nothing ventured, nothing gained?  Seems the lack of Pied Piper’s venture (or altogether different venture) means Hooli gets the gains.  As that new story develops, will Richard and Gavin go head to head again? Mano a mano? Techie to techie?  With only one episode left of the season, anything could happen.

Could Richard be going to dark side? Will he have the support of his team if he does?  Or will Pied Piper dissolve into a Richard only company? We shall see. And then we shall wait many agonizing months until we get to see again.

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