SHOW ME A HERO Miniseries Debuts in August

David Simon and William Zorzi

The HBO schedule is starting to take shape for the summer. People are always so impatient with thoughts of when something will start. As the information rolls in HBOWatch will get it to you. So, straight from an official HBO Press Release here is news of just one of the anticipated programs.

Part One of the exclusive HBO miniseries SHOW ME A HERO debuts SUNDAY, AUGUST 16 beginning at 9:oopm.


From creator David Simon (HBO’s TREME and THE WIRE) and director Paul Haggis (Crash), and based on the nonfiction book of the same name by Lisa Belkin, this six-part miniseries explores notions of home, race and community through the lives of elected officials, bureaucrats, activists and ordinary citizens in Yonkers, NY.

HBOWatch was quick to wonder back in 2013, upon the end of TREME, just what was next for David Simon. We didn’t learn what it was until July of 2014. Casting news quickly fell in line and we had a good David Simon project once again for HBO. Continuing the Press Release –   

In an America generations removed from the greatest civil rights struggles of the 1960s, the young mayor (Oscar Isaac) of a mid-sized American city is faced with a federal court order that says he must build a small number of low-income housing units in the white neighborhoods of his town. His attempt to do so tears the entire city apart, paralyzes the municipal government and, ultimately, destroys the mayor and his political future.


In addition to Oscar Isaac, SHOW ME A HERO stars Catherine Keener, Alfred Molina, Winona Ryder, LaTanya Richardson-Jackson, Bob Balaban and Jim Belushi. Directed by Paul Haggis; written by David Simon and William F. Zorzi; executive produced by David Simon, Nina K. Noble, Paul Haggis, Gail Mutrux and William F. Zorzi.


The subsequent five parts of SHOW ME A HERO debut on other Sundays – 08.23 and 08.30 and 09.13, 09.20 and 09.27 – at the same time.

Adding his two cents here is a quote from David Simon as given to the Guardian.

People_DavidSimon-300x200“People who think we’re being well governed at the moment… well, there’s no reason for them to watch. People who look at the inertia of Washington, at the partisanship, at the divisive and polarised discourse… people who think that’s the way to build a just society, well, don’t watch the show, because I got nothin’ for you.”


“[If] you’re starting to believe that even the vernacular we’re using to argue about solutions to problems is dysfunctional, watch this show because I think it’s a perfect metaphor for what the American government is no longer capable of doing – addressing problems in a utilitarian fashion for the good of most people. American politics has left the room when it comes to finding solutions for our problems.”

It all sounds right up Simon’s alley and HBOWatch will get it on the schedule. Look for the six-part miniseries starting in August only on HBO.


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