SHOW ME A HERO Casting Update

People_WinonaRyder-200x300The David Simon miniseries SHOW ME A HERO has a cast that is culminating quickly. In this update we can add seven more actors to the piece. There is no confirmation at this point how soon the work will get before the cameras, but it appears a number of people want to work with Mr. Simon and as fast as this is firming up it also appears that HBO is happy to have Simon and this work at the network.

Joining the previously announced Oscar Isaac, Catherine Keener, James Belushi, Terry Kinney and Michal Stahl-David are a diverse group of actors. They are Winona Ryder (pictured), Daniel Stern, Jon Bernthal, Alfred Molina, Latanya Richardson Jackson, Natalie Paul and Clarke Peters.  What follows is a quick rundown of each.

Winona Ryder, who hasn’t done anything major since 2010’s Black Swan, will make a go as a council woman focusing on the Housing issue that is the crux of this story. She will play Vinni Restiano, a lady from Yonkers who loses her council seat in the aftershocks of the Housing vote. Alfred Molina, lately of HBO’s THE NORMAL HEART, also plays a person on the city council. He is Henry J. “Hank” Spallone, an anti-housing advocate and former NYPD detective from the Bronx. If you haven’t checked back to those previous posts to look at plot descriptions this miniseries event focuses on tensions stemming from a plan of introducing low-income housing into the nicer sections of Yonkers, NY back in the 1970’s. It became a hotly debated topic and city council members were at the heart of it. Thus, the reason we are seeing actors filling council member roles.


There is more than just council involved. Jon Bernthal (HBO’s THE PACIFIC, Walking Dead) plays a NAACP lawyer Michael Sussman and Daniel Stern (GETTING ON episode and WGN’s Manhattan) will play Oscar Newman, a sometimes-abrasive urban planner who developed a unique plan for public housing in Yonkers, earning the enmity of the opponents.   

Latanya Richardson Jackson (Broadway’s RAISIN IN THE SUN) will play Norma O’Neal, the stoic, hardworking home health aide who has struggled to raise a family in Yonkers’ worst projects, even as her own health fails her. Natalie Paul (BOARDWALK EMPIRE, SMASH) will play Doreen Henderson, a young woman born in Yonkers public housing but raised in the suburbs, is drawn back to the projects, where her life spirals out of control. Clarke Peters (a minister in TRUE DETECTIVE, Albert in TREME and Det. Freamon in THE WIRE, pictured here) plays Robert Mayhawk, the consultant hired to help educate tenants bound for the townhouses about life in their new neighborhood. Together all these people will play out a scene that wreak havoc on a city as it battles racial tensions and city politics. More news as we get it.

(Source: THR and Deadline.)

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