Shorter “Game of Thrones” Seasons?


After months of waiting for Game of Thrones to begin, each season’s customary ten episodes rarely seem like enough. However, according to a recent interview with Variety, Game of Thrones writers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have hinted that they may consider shortening the length of future Game of Thrones seasons as the show begins to wind down.

This may seem like a frustrating development for fans of Game of Thrones. After all, who wouldn’t be disappointed when they got less of their favorite show? But at least one person may appreciate this development, and that’s George R.R. Martin, the creator of Westeros and author of the A Song of Ice and Fire series, upon which the HBO show is based. As Game of Thrones continues each year, it has begun to increasingly out-pace the A Song of Ice and Fire series which remains yet to be finished. This issue rose to a head this year, when it became clear that with the premier of Season Six, on April 24th, the show would venture for the first time into material that surpasses the events that take place in the published works of Georgge R.R. Martin, who despite a valiant effort, was unable to release the next installment of his epic series, The Winds of Winter before Season Six’s release.

The decision to cut back on episodes per season of  future Game of Thrones seasons could be an attempt on the part of HBO to allow Martin more time to write, and hopefully release the last two books of his series before the show tells the end of the story for him. The gesture is courteous, but one cannot help but wonder if it is futile–Martin has established that his writing pace is glacial, and it is difficult to imagine that even if he completed The Winds of Winter in the near future, that his final planned book, A Dream of Spring would be out in time to out-pace the show. Nevertheless, for those who enjoy learning of their favorite character’s fates from George R.R. Martin himself, this could be a welcome development. For everyone else who just wants to watch ten episodes of Game of Thrones, this is a bit of a disappointment.

Of course, nothing is currently set in stone. HBO was quick to reach out and state that at this point in time, any estimates about the length of future seasons is “purely speculative.” For the moment, we know for sure that we have ten whole episodes to look forward to in the upcoming season of Game of Thrones, which begins in a little less than a week.

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