Sharp Objects Ep. 6: “Cherry”

As the series comes close to conclusion, we see Camille (Amy Adams) heat up in her relations with Detective Richard (Chris Messina). But Camille also spends more time with Amma (Eliza Scanlen) after being roped into attending a house party. Detective Richie cozies up to another Wind Gap native to get some information on why Camille is the way she is and gets more than he bargained for. And a key piece of evidence turns up in an interesting location.

We start the episode with Camille waking up to the remnants of her evening. Hello, Chris Messina’s booty. Well done, sir. The flirtatious banter is almost too much like hearing myself talk in the sarcastic, dark way that only people who’ve been to really “bad” places can understand. We certainly know Camille has been to some dark places; not always of her own volition either. Richard is keen to understand more about her and gets put on the case to investigate by Jackie (Elizabeth Perkins.) Not only do I adore her as an actress, but she fits this role so beautifully and it’s refreshing to see someone who genuinely cares for Camille, but also knows what her mother is really like and what Camille dealt with in Wind Gap. Richard goes to her old rehab to get more information. And boy, does he. He finds out all about Alice’s (Sydney Sweeney) suicide and that Camille checked herself out early.

Sharp-Objects-Cherry-Episode-6-Chris-MessinaHis attentions become slightly diverted when Ann Nash’s bicycle turns up in a swamp on the Preaker/Crellin pig farm. Adora (Patricia Clarkson) is on site and comforts Ann’s father Bob (Will Chase) who breaks down when he sees his little girl’s bike.  It was supposedly put there by the other dead little girl’s brother John (Taylor John Smith). He has an interesting interaction with Amma while she’s hanging by the pool, as she tries to hook up with him. Are you wondering what might be going on between them? Chief Vickery (Matt Craven) is pleased about the eyewitness identification, but I don’t think Richard is on the same page. And I’m not either.

Meanwhile, Camille goes to hang out with her old cheerleading buddies, and my god it’s a gripe fest. The girls all gather to bitch and gossip and watch sad movies and drink wine. As the least annoying of the group and also the only woman of color, Becca (Hilary Ward) says, “I never knew how many problems I had until I started coming to Katie’s get-togethers.” Personally, I am so not about that and it’s pretty obvious Camille and Becca aren’t either. But it was nice to see one of the “mean girls” who understands what Camille has been through. Becca knows Camille wasn’t always the nicest girl, but she was the nicest of the bunch and she lost a sister and Becca saw how she was dealing with that. So that was a nice moment, immediately followed by a very uncomfortable one. Katie’s husband Kirk (Jackson Hurst), the one making eyes at Amma while playing the piano on Calhoun Day, apologizes to Camille for raping her. Because he has daughters now, and I appreciate Camille’s spite and bite towards him because I would react the same way. Could have turned yourself in, could have told someone what you did and the likelihood that the football players are probably still operating that same way because small-town life changes slowly and we have plenty of evidence in our own media that sports trumps sexual assault. But it takes him thinking about it happening to his own daughters to apologize to her. Too little, too late, dude. And frankly, I’m starting to think you have a thing going with Amma based on their interactions, so take your apology and shove it.Sharp-Objects-Cherry-1x06-promotional-picture-sharp-objects-hbo-41514658-1200-675

Camille then gets roped into attending a house party with Amma where we get the clear idea that small-town parents think their children are safe in this little bubble of idyllic life and don’t care to monitor them that much since there were so many kids at this party. Plus Amma is, I believe, supposed to be between 8th grade and freshman year based on context clues. She’s at a party drinking and doing Ecstasy and smoking pot. There is something about the image of sweetness or goodness that allows youth to operate deviously. As someone who went to Catholic school, we had so much shady stuff going beneath the surface. Girls bringing vodka in water bottles, soaking gummy bears in alcohol to eat at lunch, plenty of hardcore parties where I know by rumor one girl had to go to the hospital for alcohol poisoning. The thin veil of propriety hides all kinds of sins. Camille’s interactions with Amma show that Amma isn’t all she puts out there but that she’s also more manipulative than she lets on.

With two episodes left, we’re getting to the clutch part. When will the killer be revealed? What else lies in store for the audience? Here’s a promo preparing us for next week! Tune in on Sunday, August 19th at 9:00 p.m. EST for more of the juicy life of Wind Gap natives!

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