Seth Meyers Ribs HBO at the Emmys


This little joke caught our attention as it was quite clever. HBO is often lauded at the Emmys by the actors, writers and directors who work for the network. Julia Louis-Dreyfus started her acceptance speech with a Thank You to HBO. But even the host got into it last night with this little joke about the Home Box Office:

“Congratulations to HBO. They have 99 nominations tonight, the most of any network. Not to be outdone, NBC is also a network.”

and then…

“I gotta say: HBO is like the kid you grew up with who ended up doing way better than you expected. 99 nominations. When I first met HBO, all he had was Grease 2 and Fraggle Rock. I wish I was nicer to him…


HBO: ‘You guys want to watch Poltergeist?’

Seth: ‘We watched it yesterday, HBO. How many times do you think people want to watch the same movie?’

HBO: ‘One day I’m going to make a show about dragons….’

Seth: ‘Okay, buddy, best of luck.’”

Sure, we’re biased but I’d say that was prettaaaay prettaaaay prettay good.  HBO is changing TV and raising the bar each and every year.  This year they led the pack again with 19 Emmy wins.

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