Sean Bean Stabbed Outside Pub; Walks it Off

SeanBeanGameofThrones1-200x300Sean Bean, of Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings fame, was involved in a confrontation outside of a London pub this weekend.  Bean, 52 was standing outside of the pub with a lady friend, Playboy bunny April Summers, a 22 year old model.   Another man approached the couple and began making lewd comments about the model’s topless posing past.  Bean confronted the man, who initially decided it wasn’t such a great idea to insult Eddard Stark’s friends on the streets of London and walked off.  Later on the perpetrator returned and a scuffle ensued with Sean Bean receiving a punch to the face.  Bean was also purportedly stabbed with a piece of broken glass as well.  Details are sketchy (as all bar fight stories are!) but Bean is said to have refused medical attention and returned to the pub for another drink with his friend.

Mayhaps the drunken man has HBO and was upset about what happened to Sean’s character on the latest episode of Game of Thrones?  Either way HBOWatch would like to formally nominate Sean Bean for ‘badass of the decade’.

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