Scorsese’s ROCK-N-ROLL PROJECT Gives us Red Hot Olivia Wilde!

HBOWatch stumbled upon the pictures offered up from the set of the Martin Scorsese music series and would be remiss not to tell fans about them. After all we have not posted any word about this project yet this year, believe it or not. So, this post is mostly graphics of the players and the crew shooting the series in New York City this summer.WildeandCannavale

Here is the steamy couple of Richie and Devon Finestra played by Bobby Cannavale and Olivia Wilde. Don’t forget that it is the 1970’s and the heart of the music scene; that is what the show is all about. Richie Finestra is the founder and president of a top-tier record label (American Century Records) with a great ear for discovering talent, who undergoes a crisis of character when confronted with a life-altering decision. She is Devon Finestra, Richie’s wife, a former actress/model who lived a Bohemian life in 1960s New York. Richie’s crisis causes strain on their family and propels her to re-immerse in her former lifestyle. I know, we keep on rehashing the same kernels of information, but it is taking this project so long to get done and they aren’t revealing much. Anyway, if you want a closer look at Wilde to confirm that she is indeed braless visit the DailyMail.  then get back here. 

Okay, put your eyes back in your head. She is certainly sporting sexy and she is going to look fabulous in the series whenever it gets here sometime in 2016. Here they are hard at work on location:


Here is an action shot getting captured on film.  The black man is Ato Essandoh (Django Unchained) clearly playing a man in trouble on Scorsese’s mean streets of New York City. Also roaming around are a pack of punk rockers. All these people clash and party on the streets as a range of musical sounds takes the stage and gives a voice to the masses or so this series will attest when it debuts.  












Okay, Okay. I know what you want and I give you one more so, here she is again.. We’ll take what we can get about this series including an official title. We are still waiting for that, right?




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