Scorsese May Bring Sinatra Series to HBO

Frank-Sinatra-HBO-224x300Two years ago Martin Scorsese announced a project focusing on old-blue-eyes himself, Frank Sinatra. The biopic has since been put on the back burner as the award winning director has been wrapped up in his new movie Hugo. The Sinatra biopic was rumored to star Leonardo Dicaprio as the actor has always wanted the role but Martin says he may be taking the series in a new direction… towards HBO:

“I’m talking to one or two writers now. The problem is the biography. Where do you start? Hugo took up so much time that I now have to settle in. I met this writer who I think could do a lot with it, but [we] have to get a hold of the story. It’s too unwieldy. I’d love to tell the whole story, but the idea of art is to figure out where to start because we can’t tell his whole life story. If we told the whole story of Sinatra, it would be 15 hours – then you’ve got something like a miniseries, along the lines of Boardwalk Empire. I love the idea of a miniseries – particularly working with HBO because as long as you stay reasonably on budget, you have freedom which is very difficult to find in the cinematic marketplace. It’s something I find challenging and love trying at.”

We would be ecstatic to see any type of series from Martin Scorsese on HBO. If the epicness of his previous installment, Boardwalk EMpire, is any indication this possible series would make a subscription to HBO mandatory for any warm blooded, film-loving human being. We’ll keep you updated if we hear anything else on The Wolf of Wall Street.


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