Sarah Silverman Heads Pilot PEOPLE IN NEW JERSEY

PEOPLE IN NEW JERSEY hasn’t gotten a lot of talk around here but casting news for the pilot has been announced. The three leads cast are Sarah Silverman, SilvermanGraceTopher Grace and Patti Lupone. Those are pretty talented choices. Silverman seems popular with HBO right now and Lupone is a multi-talent and Grace can hold his own too.

 The work is a half-hour comedy executive produced by Lorne Michaels and is presented  as a hilarious, poignant look at life today as seen through the prism of an adult brother and sister (Grace, Silverman) living in New Jersey. It seems brother Carl, a locksmith by trade, has a strong idea of how he thinks things should be run, but when the world does not conform to his vision he has trouble. His sister Melanie is a former management consultant reduced to being a party-timer but still an optimist in her outlook of life. Lupone plays their opinionated widowed mother Rachel who constantly worries about her children. So, together this trio is just a few of the many living their lives as PEOPLE IN NEW JERSEY.

 HBOWatch will keep track of this one show by HBO, Broadway Video & Feigco Entertainment to see if it gets picked up as a series.  


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