Sarah Jessica Parker Has a New HBO Series: Divorce


A middle-aged woman makes her way through a fast-paced, New York City world as a single lady… wait… does any of this sound familiar?  In a good way though, right?!  Sex and the City is one of the biggest HBO series’ of all time and fans have been clamoring for more ever since the second movie rolled its credits.  Now, another series starring SJP has just been ordered to series on HBO!

Divorce centers on Parker as she contemplates splitting up with her husband (Thomas Haden Church).  She’s been having an affair, of course!  Sounds like drama but we’re hearing it’s more or a comedy.  Maybe it will be like Sex and the City where you’ll get a little of both?

The show will film in NYC later this year.  No word on a premiere date for this one but we’re thinking 2016 at the earliest.  It could fit nicely into the light January schedule with Looking taking it’s final bow and vacating that spot.  But that would be a tight timeline.  Filming “later this year” could mean July or it could mean November.

Sit tight, Sex and the City fans, your favorite show is about to be revived… kindof.  Now, if we could just get that Sopranos prequel

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