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Sam Waterston Joins Cast of Sorkin’s HBO Pilot

by Jacob Klein
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LO-Sam-Waterson-Jack-Mccoy-288x375Probably most famous for his role on Law and Order, Sam Waterson is now taking on his first gig since leaving the long running program.  The project is tentatively titled ‘More as this Story Develops’ and follows a Kieth Olberman-esque cable news host played by Jeff Daniels.  Waterson will play Will’s (Jeff Daniels) boss in the show.  Olivia Munn will play Sloan, a sexy financial analyst with her own show on the same network as Will.  Alison Pill will play Maggie, an associate producer for Sloan’s show.

This is a great addition to the cast. The actor has CHOPS and we can’t wait to see what he does on the screen. Teaming up with HBO may be one of the best things Sam Waterson has done in his career!  Can’t wait to see where he takes the role.

No premiere date or even shooting date has been announced for the show but it has been speculated that HBO is shooting for an early 2012 release.  More as this story develops.

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