Rupert Murdoch Tries & Fails to Purchase HBO

murdoch-199x300No, this isn’t a sensationalist headline.  No, we don’t mean that he failed to subscribe to HBO through his favorite cable provider. No, indeed: Rupert Murdoch, owner of a cornucopia of media outlets including Fox, Fox News and a pile of newspapers and magazines wants to add Time Warner, HBO’s parent company to his portfolio. As you probably know: HBO is a subsidiary of Time Warner along with CNN, TBS and Warner Bros. movies. Not to be confused with Time Warner Cable, a former product of TW and was recently purchased by Comcast.

How much did he offer, you ask? How does 80 Billion (with a B) sound? Had it gone through it would have been the biggest media acquisition in over 10 years. HBO is thought be valued at about $20 Billion on its own.

This probably wouldn’t have meant much for HBO’s programming including Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire and HBO Documentary series like VICE but if you’re more of the conspiratorial type you may always wonder whether Rupert or his family were pulling the strings behind HBO’s future decisions.

While HBO is one of Time Warner’s crown jewels and has recently brought it’s mother company to new financial heights, the deal probably didn’t solely revolve around HBO, of course. Time Warner also owns CNN, DC Comics, New Line Cinema, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim and many more assets.

Do you think this would be good for HBO in the long run? Would Game of Thrones be affected? Or more importantly, would independent voices like those on VICE, Real Sports and Real Time with Bill Maher be stifled? We doubt it.  Business is business, they say. But only time will tell.

The New York Times and others seem to think that Time Warner is ripe for acquisition. We’ll bring you the latest, and how we think it will affect HBO’s shows as we get it.


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