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Rumors of Pizzolatto & Milch Working On TRUE DETECTIVE Season 3

by Jef Dinsmore
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People_NicPizzolatto-150x150Any possibility of a continuation of the TRUE DETECTIVE series by Nic Pizzolatto has been a slow and agonizing process, but word has come out that he is getting a valuable assist. David Milch, creator/writer of such works as the classic NYPD Blue and HBO’s DEADWOOD, JOHN FROM CINCINNATI and the short-lived LUCK, is said to be picking up the pen to help flesh out a Season Three of the anthology show.

This news has been buzzing about, but there is not much to say on the matter. It has not been defined exactly what Mr. Milch would be doing with the project. It has already been confirmed that Pizzolatto has a concept and has written the first two scripts for another season, but after two years has gotten no further. Apparently, HBO reached out or Nic P. asked Milch to come on board to collaborate on an intriguing tale of true detective work.

DavidMilchNow, while it is great to have David Milch return to HBO with something what does all this say about Pizzolatto? Sorry, but the guy has trouble writing. I mean, he had years to craft Season One perfectly and when forced to rush a Season Two in months instead of years he came up with something interesting, but not as strong as the first time out. Now, he is asking for assistance in getting another season to happen. He has the potential to give us something good, but a writer’s block has seemed to inhibit him right now. Does Pizzolatto really need Milch’s help or is this team-up just to help the series move along that faster to completion? Everyone seems certain Milch won’t serve as the showrunner, so he must be just aiding in getting a story and ten workable scripts out. Hopefully, David Milch can help Nic P. unlock the creativity. They get something solid there and HBO likes it TRUE DETECTIVE returns. What do you think?  Can they do it? Don’t forget Matthew McConaughey said that he’s game.

(Source: EW)

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