Roast Joffrey!


Joffrey haters, unite! From yesterday, HBO has been giving fans of Game of Thrones the opportunity to roast everyone’s favorite boy king.

“Roast Joffrey” is the first ever internet roast, in which the social media for the show completely dedicates itself to roast Joff as much as possible. Roasting can be done over Twitter, Facebook, Vine and Instagram. Just be sure to accompany all of your roastings with the #RoastJoffrey hashtag. All of the roastings are being compiled here.

Still hurting because of Ned’s head? Feeling blue after the Red Wedding? Now’s your chance to take your anger out on the runt. (No insulting Jack Gleeson, please, he does an amazing job with bringing such a despicable character to life!).

Here’s your formal invitation:


The event has been ongoing since yesterday, and ends tomorrow, so get your roastings in before it’s too late!

Here’s what Hodor had to say:


The Hound weighs in:


Arya is still as feisty as ever (apparently Joff sits “squiffy” on his chair, haha):



Just in case you haven’t got the message already…GET ROASTING! #RoastJoffrey


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