Richard Madden Warns of Unexpected Death in Season Five


Warning: Season Five and Book Spoilers

After his dramatic death as Robb Stark in Game of Thrones Season 3, Richard Madden has moved on to more family friendly entertainments like Disney’s upcoming live-action Cinderella flick–however the actor still seems to know a lot about what happens behind the scenes during the filming of Game of Thrones. In a recent interview, the actor was quickly diverted from any talk of his role as Prince Charming to the more R-rated subject of Game of Thrones.  Madden happily obliged, and indulged in conversation about the show–most notably foreshadowing an unexpected death in the upcoming season.

“I do know of a death that’s going to happen in Season 5 that you’re not going to see coming,” Madden said. How does he know all of this? Apparently Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow, enjoys spoiling the show for Madden as much as possible. Madden laughingly noted, “I have to cover my ears so he doesn’t tell me.”

One has to wonder how HBO feels about Harington telling people their close kept secrets, but it seems Madden is doing well enough keeping them. The actor was careful not to mention anymore details about the mysterious death that no one would see coming. However, despite Madden’s secrecy, anyone who has read A Song of Ice and Fire can infer that the death that Richard Madden is alluding to will be Jon Snow’s. After all, it makes sense that Kit Harington would have the details of his character’s death and Jon does dies in a very unexpected way, betrayed by his own brothers of the Night’s Watch. So, it seems, Kit Harington will soon be joining the ranks of Richard Madden–former Game of Thrones actors whose characters died from betrayal.

While many suspect that Jon Snow’s death is impermanent, and that the character may be brought back to some semblance of life by Melisandre, perhaps Kit Harington will be the one reminiscing about Game of Thrones next year. As we all know…Valar Morghulis.

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