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“RELLIK” Launches April 13 on Cinemax

by Jef Dinsmore
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Straight from a press release comes the facts about Cinemax’s next series – RELLIK


What are the experiences that forge the people we become? RELLIK, a six-part limited series told in reverse, debuts FRIDAY, APRIL 13 (10:00- 11:00 p.m. ET/PT), exclusively on CINEMAX. Richard Dormer (HBO’s GAME OF THRONES) stars as Gabriel Markham, a relentless U.K. police detective bent on tracking down the serial killer who left him physically and emotionally scarred after an acid attack. Unlike most murder mysteries, RELLIK turns the familiar serial murderer story on its head and begins with the apprehension and death of the presumed killer.

Over six hour-long episodes, Gabriel and his team’s pursuit of the suspected murderer reveal the causes of the characters’ actions, as well as the events that push them to the brink. RELLIK also stars Jodi Balfour (CINEMAX’s QUARRY) as Elaine, newly transferred to the team, who shares a special relationship with Gabriel. In addition, the show features: Patterson Joseph (HBO’s Holy Wayne on THE LEFTOVERS) as Isaac, a suspicious psychiatrist who may be hiding darker depths to his own psyche; Ray Stevenson (HBO’s ROME) as Benton, a bullish police chief with his own secrets; and Paul Rhys (Victoria) as Patrick, a two-faced businessman with a deeply troubling family life.

RELLIK is a CINEMAX Presentation in association with BBC, New Pictures, Two Brothers Pictures and All3 Media International; written and created by Harry and Jack Williams; produced by Chris Clough; executive producers, Willow Grylls, Charles Pattinson, Harry Williams, Jack Williams, Elaine Pyke, Sam Miller; executive producer for BBC, Christopher Aird.

We already dropped the trailer here so here is a promo clip: 

Face it, all works have to have a gimmick or draw to lure you away from the rest of the TV landscape and focus on their show. RELLIK has a unique setup for that does just that. The gimmick of telling the story in reverse order is not unheard of, but I racked my brain for a bit to recall an entire show that ran in reverse. Sure, there have been movies that play out that way and even a ‘special episode’ of a series or two, but the whole series? This is an entire six-hour story told from end to beginning. Plus, it is a crime story. In most shows of this ilk, the story progresses through the case until the crime is solved in the end. Not RELLIK.

If you have Cinemax and care to see how it all falls together Friday nights starting 04.13 is the beginning of the tale starting at the end. R E L L I K = K I L L E R.

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