President Obama Will Appear On REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER November 4

After a year of begging and a signed petition HBO commentator Bill Maher finally gets his wish. He had high hopes that if he whined long enough President Barack Obama would come on REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER, which airs Friday nights at 10:00pm. Well, he sort of gets his wish – POTUS is not coming to him, but rather Maher has interviewed the Head Chief at the White House and those results will be a part of the lineup of REAL TIME… on Friday, 11.04.

After a petition at the White House website garnered 100,000 signatures a response was released that the visit was under consideration. You know, you’ve seen it on VEEP, the presidential staff has to jump through flaming hoops to verify, validate and secure all notes of protocol and security in order for such an event happens, including possibly convincing the POTUS that it could be a good idea or even try to talk the Prez out of it.

Bill Maher informed those who tuned into his show installment on 10.28 during the roundtable discussion that the sit down with Obama would be taking place. Here is evidence of that:

You can see it unfold on Friday, November 04 at 10:00pm ET when REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER airs with in-studio guests Martin Short, former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm and journalist David Frum. Now that Maher has gotten that birthday wish will he squander it with stupid and raunchy questions? Just what is on his mind to ask the President? Check in and find out.

I don’t know Maher does alright without the POTUS present, don’t you think? He has had Bernie Sanders come by more than once and he just had a Facebook Live event on 112.02 where, surprise, surprise, Donald Trump was the top topic. It was called Whiny Little Bitch, referring to the frequent name he has called Trump on his show. In his special he wasted no time calling Trump everything in the book from a racist, a liar, a tax cheat, a draft dodger, a Russian agent and a rapist. He took some potshots at Hilary Clinton as well, just not as many.

All this leads into Election 2016 and you can be sure Maher will still be ranting after November 8th as well.

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