President Obama to Appear in Entourage Movie

425373_401354186557678_209855245707574_1564186_1129180872_n-300x199Fans of HBO’s Entourage series were devastated when the show went off the air last summer.  It had a great run at eight full seasons on HBO.  Many are taking comfort in the possible Entourage  movie deal that has been confirmed several times.   But it looks like that film is about to get a bit more… presidential?  According to Entourage star Adrian Greiner, who met with President Barrack Obama recently, he’s agreed to make a cameo appearence in the film.  Saying in his Facebook page alongside a picture:  “I promised to make the Entourage movie if he would do a cameo. He agreed.  Seriously.

The president is apparently a fan of both Entourage and The Wire but we’re sure he’s into all sorts of HBO programming as well!  Has he watched Game of Thrones yet?  What will he think about Veep or The Newsroom?  Next time you’re watching HBO, know that you and the president of the United States may just be watching the same program.  Only on HBO.

Entourage season 8 has recently been announced with a June 12th release date on Blu-ray and DVD and is now available for pre-order.

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