President Barack Obama Loves Boardwalk Empire

Obama-Boardwalk-Empire-HBOThe first family spoke to People Magazine about life in the White House last week touching on everything from Facebook to their favorite television shows.  The President of the United States said his daughters are “settled, they’re healthy, and thriving.”   When pressed about what’s been playing on the Presidential boob tube Obama said he and the kids watch ABC’s “Modern Family” together but his personal tastes are a bit different.  “I’m a little darker,” said the President.  “[I enjoy] Boardwalk Empire” and Showtime’s “Homeland.”  HBO’s hit drama about Atlantic City during prohibition has won several awards this year and has been recently renewed by HBO.

I’m not sure the President has seen the season finale of season 2 yet as many fans have reacted poorly to the untimely demise of… Ha!  As if we would risk spoiling the most powerful man in the world’s favorite show for him!   We hope HBO’s big wigs take note next year when they’re deciding whether or not to renew Boardwalk Empire for a fourth season.  When the President of the United States says he’s into your show… it must go on indefinitely!   Don’t be too nervous Steve Buscemi but apparently some semi-important people are watching.  See you next fall Boardwalk fans!

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