Preparing for the Battle of Blackwater Bay

Blackwater-Episode-Trailer-202x300This Sunday marks the most anticipated episode of Game of Thrones season 2.  Written by the man himself- George R.R Martin this episode will be the climax of the series thus far.  Fans eager to finally see a battle on screen will get all they’d hoped for and more.  In a recent interview show producers Weiss and Benioff sat down with ET and discussed the episode:

Did “Blackwater” meet your expectations?

Benioff: The episode has dramatically exceeded our expectations, and much of the credit for that goes to our superhuman [visual effects] team, lead by Steve Kullback and Rainer Gombos. When you look at the shadow demon Melisandre births, or the detailing on the dragons, or the beauty of Pyke, you realize you’re dealing with talents that could someday win an Oscar. “Blackwater” has far more VFX shots than any other episode we’ve done. We try to avoid excessive VFX on the show, but with “Blackwater” there was no alternative. Steve and Rainer look over a large team of tech wizards and what they’ve accomplished is, in our completely unbiased opinion, some of the best effects work in television history.

Weiss: And it’s not all visual. A big part of any battle scene is sound, and we’re lucky to have an amazing team. Ramin Djawadi, our composer, is equally adept at scoring a quiet, mournful scene or an explosive battle. And for this episode, we gave him an added challenge, the results of which people will hear in the episode.

Take a look at this video preview from the episode simply titled “Blackwater”.  For those of us who know what’s going to happen please refrain from spoiling the suprise for those who don’t!  Will this top last season’s now imfamous episode 9?  We’ll just have to watch and find out. Game of Thrones Season 2: Blackwater will air at 9PM on May 27th.  Only on HBO.

UPDATE: HBO is so excited for this new episode they’ve put together TWO more previews for the big battle! Here they are:

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