UPDATE: Potential HARD KNOCKS 2015 Teams Sound Off



UPDATE: It appears that the teams for the 2015 edition of HARD KNOCKS could very well be narrowed down to two – the Cleveland Browns and the Washington Redskins. Both teams are on the eligible list though neither one has volunteered to the training camp scrutiny.

The Cleveland team has been the front-runner for quite a while now, but we have reports that they are requesting a special waiver of exemption this round. Why? The management team feels that the publicity and the unavoidable invasion of privacy HardKnocks_Redskins-300x232will not respect Johnny Manziel as it relates to his stint in rehab for substance abuse. So, whether the Browns are in front of the cameras depends on whether the NFL grants the ball club’s request.

The result of that ruling is what leads us to the Washington Redskins as an option.  According to the report we cite for this update HBO nominated the Redskins as the alternative choice. One hot topic of debate swirling around that team of course is the very name of the franchise and a few recognizable names like Robert Griffin III and Alfred Morris.

So, who do you favor? You want to see the Browns or the Redskins? Should Manziel’s personal situation have any influence on the choice?   Let us know below.         

(Source: Redskins Capital Connection)


More than likely this post will be updated often over the course of the year as HBO Sports tracks down the best possible team to be the star attraction in 2015’s edition of HARD KNOCKS. Hard Knocks gives you something to look forward to while you wait to stream Monday night football all regular season long.As we are well aware an NFL team that qualifies (one that has not appeared on the show already, one that has not been in a Playoff Season in the past two years, and one that is not transitioning with a new coach) will be chosen by the NFL if a team does not willingly volunteer. The eligible teams are listed here. Two teams heard from voicing their opinion on the matter have been the Buffalo Bills and the Cleveland Browns.

First, up in Orchard Park, NY we learn that the Bills were offered to take on the role. The site cited here seems to think that the reason they were asked was because their head coach Rex Ryan was already on the show when he was with the New York Jets in 2010 and was a charismatic presence on the show that went on to win an Emmy that year. That ball club did not accept the offer to volunteer to be in the spotlight.Helmet_ClevelandBrowns-300x300







The Cleveland Browns appeared a bit more vocal on the topic. The team’s head coach Mike Pettine felt that the main interest would be on Johnny Manzeil who entered rehab for no announced reason at the beginning of this year. They declined to volunteer for HARD KNOCKS citing it wasn’t in Manzeil’s best interest. Pettine said “You just weigh everything in because being a part of Hard Knocks, having been there, knowing they’re going to look to cover the team’s biggest current storylines, it’s obvious that he would be a point of attention. When we decided not to volunteer for Hard Knocks, we discussed everything that was involved with it. Manziel is certainly something we needed to consider.”

Will the NFL have that same sensitivity when it makes its pick? Right now, the Browns seem the frontrunner. The hunt continues for the team that will either step up or be drafted to the five-week scrutiny that is HBO’s HARD KNOCKS. Check back for updates. 


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