Pilot Written for Del Toro’s MONSTER

guierllmo-del-torro-hbophoto credit: Gage Skidmore cc

It seems that Guillermo del Toro was at an event called the Los Angeles Times Hero Complex Festival and made brief comments about his upcoming adaptation of the Japanese Manga MONSTER. HBOWatch has already reported on this work but this latest comment by the director gives us a bit more info.

The manga’s creator Naoki Urasawa has given permission for the live-action adaptation only if he could review an outline of each intended episode of the first season. Del Toro, who is slated to direct, says that the work will cover the original material very closely and no extra content will be added to alter the series or increase an episode count.

Just an industry note, this will prove quite a literal interpretation of the source material that is not often done. For example,  TRUE BLOOD and to some extent GAME OF THRONES do not follow their respective source material precisely as fans well know. As indicated by my source, the Anime News Network, the pilot has already been written by del Toro and Steve Thompson. The story can now be found in its original comic form and as an anime cartoon series. We await news of HBO officially moving forward with this live-action version.


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