Pelosi and Bill Maher’s New York ‘Welfare Video’

You may have already seen the controversy swirling around the internet about a video that was shown Friday night on the Real Time with Bill Maher show.  We don’t want to offend any of our readers so if you are easily offended, please refrain from watching the following video.  A bit of context first:  A couple of weeks ago Alexandra Pelosi, daughter of former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi created a video for Bill Maher’s show where she visited several small towns in Mississippi.  Needless to say the folks she interviewed were blatantly racist towards President Obama and had many other unseemly characteristics.  But now she has put together the following video which focuses on welfare recipients in the New York area.  Pelosi insists that both videos are just random people she found on the street.  We’ll let you take a look at both videos and decide for yourselves:

And just to be fair we wanted to show you the original video we mentioned earlier. This was also shown on Real Time with Bill Maher:

What do you think of the videos?  Fair?  Unfair?  Hilarious?  We want to hear from you.  Shoot us a tweet on Twitter or leave a comment below! Can’t wait to see how Bill responds to the controversy this Friday!


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