PARADE’S END Blu-Ray & DVD Review


HBOWatch has been fortunate enough to obtain an advanced copy of the HBO Miniseries: PARADE’S END for review. The street date of its release, in both Blu-Ray with Digital Copy and in DVD format, will be Tuesday, September 10, 2013. More details about the discs after a bit of a recap.

Set over a tumultuous ten-year period 100 years ago, this five-part miniseries centers around honorable English aristocrat Christopher Tietjens (Benedict Cumberbatch), who puts principles first by marrying Sylvia (Rebecca Hall), a pretty, manipulative socialite who gives birth to a child who may not be his. While enduring his new wife’s whims and overt indiscretions, Tietjens finds himself captivated by a fearless, young suffragette, Valentine Wannop (Adelaide Clemens,) but refuses to give in to their mutual passion or end his marriage to Sylvia. Experiencing war and the far-reaching changes to the English class system as well as being drawn to the possibility of a future where honor and passion might co-exist, Tietjens gradually lets go of the ties that bind him to the traditions of his privileged past.

paradesendbdGreat anticipation was held for this miniseries here at HBOWatch. We started reporting about it way back on 06.03.11. It proved to be a mystery as to when the miniseries was going o air on HBO. Since it was a joint BBC/HBO production it aired in the U.K. back in August of 2012. It did not air in the U. S. until February of 2013. After five months of waiting we posted, on 01.01.13, the premiere date. The cinema event aired on February 26th -28th.

 The film, again a five-part story, was broken down into three reviews for the site. Three different staff writers wrote them. Coral Moore reviewed Episodes One & Two; David Pergolini reviewed Episode Episodes Three & Four  and Tara  wrapped it up with a look at the final episode.   


Finaly, that leads us to the disc release of this miniseries. Here are the particulars.

Street Date: September, 10, 2013

Rating: TV-MA

Runtime: 300 minutes total; excluding bonus feature

Formats: Blu-ray with Digital Copy priced at $49.99; DVD priced at $39.99.

Note: If you never obtained a Digital Copy of HBO content it is quite easy. Included in the disc packaging is a paper that explains it in three steps.  Just go to and follow the steps and provide the authorization code provided on the paper and download your programming.

Extras: Keeping in mind that this was a limited event on the channel and not one of the big dramatic series I expected little Extras with this title and that is exactly what we got. Included in Disc 2 of PARADE’S END is one feature. It is the “Tom Stoppard Interview with KCRW’s The Treatment with Elvis Mitchell.”

paradesend03KCRW is a public radio station based at the Santa Monica College in Santa Monica California. The station has also become widely known because of nationally distributed programming, streaming Internet radio broadcasts and podcasts. One such show is The Treatment which focuses on pop culture and TV/film news. Elvis Mitchell, who created the documentary films that aired on HBO called THE BLACK LIST & THE BLACK LIST 2 and also appeared as himself in an episode of ENTOURAGE, hosts that radio show. He conducted an interview with Tom Stoppard, the screenwriter for PARADE”S END, where they talk about the characters, plot and the novel for which the miniseries is based.

 In conclusion, if you want to add to your collection of some of the best works HBO has to offer than this sweeping, passionate and well-acted miniseries is a perfect choice.  Now is as good a time as any to pre-order. We offer you the links to the HBO Store and to Amazon so you can get your own copy. Once again enjoy PARADE’S END.  

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