One Speculation On Game of Thrones Season Seven

GOTS6-300x225Season Six is over…and MAN!!!!! There were so many twists and turns, revelations and betrayals that it was like riding a very long rollercoaster. We shouted for joy when our heroes finally came out on top and cursed the very day that our enemies were able to escape proper justice.

So, the question begs, what will happen in Season Seven? With a principal cast of main characters and many supporting ones, who will rise and who will fall? The four main characters that I would like to make predictions for are Arya, Tyrion, Jon and Lady Olenna.

  • Arya Stark 

Arya-Stark-The-Last-Thing-Youll-See-300x211Arya Stark has cut a couple of names of her list: Meryn Trant and most recently, The Waif and Walder Frey (as well as throwing us the added bonus of Lowther and Walder Frey Jr.) My prediction is that she may very well have a run in with The Hound (come on, this is another reunion that we ALL WANT to see) OR she may end up making it to Winterfell, where she joins her sister Sansa and brother Jon. I don’t think Arya has any particular interest in being a Lady of Winterfell, but because she’s become a hardened soldier of war, Sansa and Jon may worry about her mental and psychological state. Although, face changing skills could potentially be of huge value, especially when trying to find out who is a friend and who may be an enemy.


  • Tyrion Lannister

GOTS6_Tyrion-300x199Tyrion Lannister is going to have a couple of reunions: first a very unpleasant one with Jaime. It can’t be helped but Jaime had better figure out if he wants to make it out of King’s Landing alive, he may have to set aside feelings of vengeance against Tyrion. Tyrion Lannister, also being Hand of the Queen, carries his own weight in power and when he meets with his atrocious sister, I hope it’s a battle of wits and then a battle to the death, in which Cersei is led away in chains, broken in body and spirit or led away on a slab, cold and dead. Another prediction I have is that Tyrion will speak with Dany about travelling north to treat with Jon. Wouldn’t it be great if Dany and Tyrion travelled north to Winterfell and meet Jon and Sansa? Prediction: Tyrion sees Sansa with renewed appreciation and Sansa may look at Tyrion and feel safe with a man like him, as I believe he would treat her well. I also predict that Tyrion brokers a marriage alliance with Dany T and Jon Stark Targaryen (although they don’t know what we fans do). Solidifying the North and South will bring more power, more armies and additional strength to fight the true foe: the White Walkers.


  • Jon Snow

My prediction fjon-stark-targaryen-gaze-1-300x167or Jon apart from meeting Dany T and brokering an alliance with her, is that he gets to know her dragons and makes a pact with the Iron Born to defend the seas. As well as securing more armies, Jon would bestow the Dreadfort to Tormund and the Wildlings and make sure both his sisters were properly taken care of and protected. I would also love to see Tyrion and Jon reunite, as they had a fairly decent camaraderie in the first season and have both experienced a lot of changes, so it would make sense that they become friends and natural allies.


  • Lady Olenna

Olenna-Tyrell-in-Mourning-300x169As for Lady Olenna, my prediction is that by forging an alliance with Ellaria Sand, Daenerys and company, she may well live long enough to see Cersei humiliated, tortured and killed for all of her crimes. Let’s face it: Cersei has done some pretty awful things. The adultery was the least of her schemes. Killing, torturing, mentally and physically abusing people, tormenting hostages, murder, incest, bearing children as a product of incest, well, you get it. Lady Olenna wants justice and revenge. However, I predict that she will do whatever she needs to in order to see Cersei stripped of her crown. Hell, Olenna may even want to get her hands dirty and use a dagger or some more poison on Cersei. I am totally down for that! It would be nice to see Lady Olenna return to Highgarden and live out the rest of her days in peace. But, this is Game of Thrones. There are winners and losers here and depending on who you are and how you play the game, there’s always a cost – to your honor, your family or your livelihood.

And you know those themes will all surely play out in Season Seven. Oh, the wait!

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