I’ve decided to give recognition to REAL SPORT WITH BRYANT GUMBEL today. After all, the 03.19 edition of the show is installment 192 in a long record of top notch sports journalism. The other reason is because the March edition features a profile of former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson.

Out of the 19 seasons of this show many a great profile and debate have aired and it is just a coincidence and a shame that we finally give notice to this show now; it is not because Tyson is featured though my news sources have drawn attention to this episode because of the Tyson report. Here is a description of the segments in the latest from Mr. Gumbel and his team:

“The Transformation of Tyson.” Once dubbed “the baddest man on the planet,” and a fearsome presence in and out of the ring, former heavyweiMikeTysonght champion Mike Tyson enjoyed massive success as a knockout artist, reportedly earning more than $300 million in purses, all of which is gone. Following memorable roles in Hollywood films, including the “Hangover” franchise, the 46-year-old has reinvented himself yet again. Tyson has taken his talents to the stage as the star of a one-man show full of anger, humor and tears. In this REAL SPORTS piece, correspondent Bernard Goldberg goes one-on-one with the pugilist as he sets off on a North American tour and uncovers an introspective side of Mike Tyson few have seen before.

Just how this raging personality has changed will be revealed but the more interesting segment is –

“Gabrielle Ludwig”. One of the most polarizing players in women’s college basketball today, 51-year-old Gabrielle Ludwig towers above the comLudwig_onRealSportspetition at six feet, six inches. The last time Ludwig competed in college basketball more than 30 years ago, she was playing on a men’s team, as Robert Ludwig. The Desert Storm veteran underwent sex reassignment surgery last summer, re-enrolled in college and has become the only known person to play college ball as both a man and a woman. Ludwig sits down with host Bryant Gumbel to discuss becoming the person she always believed she was and explains how basketball helped her through the hardest times.

This addition of REAL SPORTS WITH BRYANT GUMBEL airs on HBO Tuesday, 03.19 at 10pm and again 03.22 (2pm, 9pm), 03.24 (8:30am), 03.27 (4pm, midnight) and 03.30 (8:30am). It can also be seen on HBO2 and HBOGo.

It has been discussed among HBOWatch writers before and has even leaked onto these pages from time to time that it is a shame that the award-winning REAL SPORTS and other sports programming on HBO does not get the true coverage it should have on this site… just saying.

Editor’s Note:  We’re in need of a dedicated sports writer interested in covering HBO SPORTS including boxing, specials and anything else on HBO.  Check out our write for us page and send me an email at webmaster [@] hbowatch.com!  Look forward to hearing from you!







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