Nina Dobrev Turned Down Boardwalk Empire Role due to Potential Nudity, Sex Scenes

nina-dobrev-sex-scene-HBO-Boardwalk-Empire-200x300If only Boardwalk Empire had been released two years later it may have featured a nude Nina Dobrev.  In a recent interview the actress reveals that the then 21 year old actress turned down a role on the HBO program because she wasn’t then comfortable with the sex scenes that would be required of her.  A completely understandable situation for an actress so young but we’re sure Vampire Diaries fans all over the world are reeling at the missed prospect.

A couple of years have passed at this point and the now 23 year old actress says that she would actually be up for a role that required her to get naked providing the part were tasteful and appropriate for the role.  Nina!  HBO is the home of tasteful and appropriate nudity!  Terrance Winter needs to give Nina a call as soon as possible as far as we’re concerned.  Boardwalk Empire season 3 will premiere this Fall and we’re assuming the series won’t end any time soon if the head writer has anything to say about it.  There’s still time, Nina, there’s still time.

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