News Roundup – Silverman; ENTOURAGE; NHL and More

 news-logoThis writer now returns to the News Roundup format after a hiatus. These are random news tidbits about many aspects of Home Box Office Inc. I hope you find something interesting below.  


  • Sarah Silverman Talks About Her Comedy Special

HBO is days away from debuting Sarah Silverman’s comedy stint. The upcoming HBO Special SARAH SILVERMAN: WE ARE MIRACLES premieres Saturday, 11.23 at 10:00pm ET. To get you warmed up to her style of humor (or just remind you) here are a couple of video clips. Enjoy.


If you want a little longer a clip than the following pads out her brand of humor a little better.



  • The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2014 Nominees

No we don’t want to make a big hullabaloo at this point, but every year HBO airs the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Concert. It airs every May and we have posted about the 2012 and 2013 HBO Special Event in conjunction with Induction Ceremony. Earlier last month a list of nominees to be considered entry into the Hall was announced. From this list a short list of Inductees will be chosen and awarded in late ARockRoll_Nom2014-300x103pril at the ceremony. The nominees are –

The Paul Butterfield Blues Band; Chic; Deep Purple; Peter Gabriel; Hall and Oates; KISS; LL Cool J; The Meters; Nirvana; N.W.A.; The Replacements; Linda Ronstadt; Cat Stevens; Link Wray; Yes; The Zombies.

Imagine what a concert event that will be regardless of who the final honorees are. Music fans have through December 10 at 5 p.m. EST to make their votes count. Visit to cast your vote. The top five artists, as selected by the public, will constitute a “fans’ ballot” that will be tallied along with the other ballots to choose the 2014 inductees. HBOWatch will return to this topic once the final Inductees are announced and then when the Ceremony and Concert are announced.


  • HBO and NHL Announce the Return of 24/7

HBO Sports is gearing up a third season of 24/7 with the National Hockey League. The series offers an inside look at the Detroit Red Wings and the Toronto Sports_247Maple Leafs. But, of course this is not just any rivalry; these two teams are lined to play the NHL Winter Classic on 01.01.14. It is, of course, a short series of four episodes which will start airing Saturday, 12.14.13 and follow the two teams as they prepare and head to the cool Winter Classic which is, after the Stanley Finals, the most exciting hockey game out there. This is also an exciting little sports series. It has followed teams to the Winter Classic before in 2011 and 2012. Rick Bernstein, executive producer of HBO Sports says “Taking our ’24/7′ reality series into the world of the National Hockey League has been a riveting experience that our subscribers have thoroughly enjoyed. The franchise is fashioned on larger-than-life personalities, engaging storylines and unrestricted access. The cooperation provided by the teams, coaches and players is the special ingredient that has made this program a landmark series.”

So there you go hockey fans. Make note of this all-access pass into the world of two premier teams as they get ready to battle on the ice coming this December. Get ready for 24/7 RED WINGS/MAPLE LEAFS: ROAD TO THE NHL WINTER CLASSIC.


  • The ENTOURAGE Movie has a Start Date

It took a long while for the troupe of players to get assembled for the ENTOURAGE flick but now there is prove that it is about to go before the cameras. The work’s director, Doug Ellin has made it known that it has a

“January 16 start date. Getting pumped. It’s a go. Love you all.”

Entourage_MovieIn true ENTOURAGE fashion is took some wheelin’ and dealin’ until everyone fell in line. Jeremy “Ari Gold” Piven was the first to commit but the busiest artist of the bunch. When the other players realized Piven had a backend deal in his contract the others wanted a piece of the action as well and held out for the longest time to get it. After being called out as “greedy’ by executive producer Mark Wahlberg, they all finally  came around.

So Vinne Chase and posse are coming back to Hollywood via the performances of Adrian “Vincent Chase” Grenier, Kevin “Johnny ‘Drama’ Chase” Dillon, Kevin “Eric Murphy” Connelly and Jerry “Salvatore ‘Turtle’ Assante” Ferrara. We might even see Rex Lee, Debi Mazar and who knows how many celebrity cameos in it as well. If you loved your ENTOURAGE this is big news, right?    


  • EASTBOUND AND DOWN Finale Numbers

 For those wondering how well Kenny Powers’ swan song went here are some facts. As far as HBO is concerned he went out on top! The final episode took on KennyPowers899,000 viewers. That was, as probably expected, the highest numbers in Season Four. HBO also factored in the encore airing of the finale to give a grand total of 1.2 million viewers. The series overall top episode was, not its premiere as probably suspected, but the show’s Season Two debut episode seeing 1.677 million viewers back on 09.26.10.

 Though it might be the end of Kenny Powers in all his fucked up glory it is said that Danny McBride is not finished with HBO. We know he has something in that comedic mind that would be awesome, plus there is always Lindsay Lohan!


  • HBO Nominated for ASC Awards

 ASC stands for the American Society of Cinematographers. Just like everyone else in Hollywood they too have to hold their own awards event. This one acknowledges those artisans who master the film stock and the best way to shoot and develop it. Here is the list of cinematographers from HBO that are nominated for the upcoming award.

 One-Hour Episodic Television Series

David Franco for BOARDWALK EMPIRE- “Erlkönig”ASC

Jonathan Freeman for GAME OF THRONES “Valar Dohaeris”

Anette Haellmigk for GAME OF THRONES “Kissed By Fire”

 Now that does not look like a long impressive list but HBO tied Starz with three nominations each. The awards are 02.01.14.

With that we end the roundup about the channel we all appreciate. We will be back with more.





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