News Roundup: HBO & Blinkbox; a BOARDWALK Boom!; Louis-Dreyfus Promo; THE GIRL(s)

news-logoNot much to feature this week but you never can tell what news fans of HBO will find interesting. So, here is a look at what is happening  with our favorite channel.

  • Blinkbox?

It is a streaming video-on-demand service available in the United Kingdom and now it streams HBO content to its users. It does not run on subscriptions but on a pay for what you watch basis. Now that the Olympics are over Great Britain can watch GAME OF THRONES, BOARDWALK EMPIRE, TRUE BLOOD and BAND OF BROTHERS.

The service has deals with major studios including Warner Bros., Universal, Paramount, Sony and 20th Century Fox and with a nublinkboxmber of leading independent production companies and can be run on PC, Mac and game consoles. Some content, older movies and TV shows are free to view. The newer content, including the HBO programming, offered for a one-time fee of £ 2 (US $3.49) is viewable for 48 hours. More HBO product may be added in the future. Oh, & trust us, HBOWatch has checked out the official site and content is NOT available in this region. Sorry, non-subscribers of HBO.

In related across the pond news – HBO has partnered with video-on-demand service Parsifal International in the Netherlands. Finland, Sweden, Norway & Denmark will be getting HBO content in 2013. This news came on the tails of Netflix’s announcement to market in that region as well. Seems these two companies have a good battle on their hands!

  • A BOARDWALK EMPIRE explosion.

Ok, this next news item is not very exciting unless you adore pyrotechnics. It seems that people got the tip that a production crew was filming footage for an upcoming scene in Season 3 of BOARDWALK EMPIRE and they got a surprise.

The locale is a bridge in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY. The area is cordoned off so an explosion could be detonated and caught on camera. The video is what they captured; this is NSFW due to some language as the onlookers show awe at the event.

It looks like somewhere along the line in Season 3 and also somewhere in Atlantic City NJ there will be some excessive firepower used. It all must mean one explosive season of BOARDWALK EMPIRE coming our way September 16th.


  • VEEP’s Louis-Dreyfus loves Baltimore

How many of you knew that Armando Iannucci’s VEEP, starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus is filmed in Baltimore Maryland? Baltimore, of course, has been a locale for some exciting shows in HBO’s past like THE WIRE and THE CORNER. It is a tough and gritty city and is sometimes called “Baltimorgue”. Well, it is also a perfect spot to film close to the Washington D. C. area without being in the heart of it. Baltimore has what any production company needs and, it seems, the actress loves working there. We have proof of that since the actress has released the following photograph.



VEEP is up for three Emmys after its first season: Best Comedy and Best Actress (Julia Louis-Dreyfus). Look for her contest and more at the 64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards on September 23rd.


  • THE GIRL(s)

No this is not about Lena Dunham’s GIRLS but about the upcoming HBO Film THE GIRL. Also, there is no fresh news to report about the work, we just liked to following images is all. Here is Sienna Miller in THE GIRL and the original “girl” Tippi Hedren.











THE GIRL with Toby Jones as auteur & director Alfred Hitchcock is now in production. And with that we close the news for now. Check back with HBOWatch for more exciting news about the wonderful world of HBO.



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