News Roundup: A GIRLS Reality Show and More

news-logoI just have a couple of news items that have yet to make it to the site. You might find them of interest; so let’s throw them into mix shall we. They, of course, are gleaned from various sources and condensed down and delivered to HBOWatch. We know how much you like to read everything and anything going on with our favorite premium cable network. Did you hear this news yet?


  • HBO’s GIRLS becomes Reality.

Girls_realityshowThe ABC Network is out to cash in on Lena Dunham’s GIRLS by turning it into a reality series. You read that right but, it was actually Miss Dunham who pitched the idea. It seems that a show will be created that examines the life of actual New York ladies in their twenties and how they survive it all. You can imagine the cameras following the young ladies down the street, into the club and maybe in the workplace. Also there must be serious confessional time as they tell the camera the woes, the struggles, the guys, the problems of dealing with life as a twenty –something. Will it truly feel like GIRLS fleshed out in real life? I guess you’ll have to wait and see.

The actual description used states the production has –

[box]“already cast Hailey Glassman because she sort of epitomizes the mid-to-upper class 20-something trying to make it in New York City. ABC has really high goals for the show and each character will be loosely based off one of the characters in the scripted show. The premise of the series is to show the hardships of living in New York City, and the hustle and creativity it takes to survive in the concrete jungle. This is going to be a group of extroverted girls who are well-educated, go to brunch on Sundays and bust their asses during the week to make ends meet.”[/box]

Hailey Glassman is not just an up and comer but was also the love interest of Jon Gosselin who chose her over his family of eight. The networks always like to cash in on what’s hot but, this sounds like a train wreck.  What say you?


  •       Remembering Central Park’s Star StarSaphir

 For those who watched the 2012 HBO documentary BIRDERS: BIRDERS: THE CENTRAL PARK EFFECT  than you know Star Saphir. She was the lady who gave guided tours through Central Park in NYC with the goal of focusing on the birds that inhabit the park and migrate through it seasonally.  She has been the go-to birdwatcher in the area for thirty years. Well, she does it no longer as she has died this past week. Star Saphir battled breast cancer for eleven years and even talked about in the documentary.

In the film she said –

[box]”At the end of every walk, I can barely get myself home, and I just kind of collapse into bed. Time has a different meaning for birders. You see the changes really from day to day and from week to week. {You see it } in foliage, in the bird populations, and so on.” She continues: “Time has a slightly different meaning for me now that I have terminal breast cancer. I have a great deal more enjoyment. It’s heightened my joys in life. And I always loved what I did. But it’s heightened even more because I know it’s — not only is it not going to last forever, it’s not going to last all that much longer.”[/box]

Birdwatchers from the city, as seen in the film, flocked to Star and followed her through the park all the year to discover and marvel at the feathered fowl there. They seem to love their time with her and will surely miss her as the birds return to Central Park in 2013.

BIRDERS: THE CENTRAL PARK EFFECT appears on HBO GO and the [amazon_link id=”B009VRVGLK” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]DVD[/amazon_link] can be purchased.


  • HBO Europe Evolves.

HBO is a global company and from time to time we draw attention to what HBO does around the world. We have noted the programming developments via HBO Asia, and HBO Nordic. WeHBO_Europe have  also seen content from HBO Latin America on HBO Latino and even on HBOGO. This next little news item takes us to Europe.

HBO Europe hopes to ramp up its original content as it intensifies development plans. What is interesting about the European model is, though under the banner of HBO Europe, each country has its own division. The Hungary unit is producing projects separate from what HBO in Poland is creating, etc.


One of the first projects is about to launch. It is entitled BURNING BUSH and is a three-part drama created for HBO Europe by Polish director Agnieszka Holland (directed some THE WIRE episodes). Based on real characters and events, it focuses on the personal sacrifice of a Prague arts student, Jan Palach, who set himself on fire in protest against the Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia in 1969. The company is developing ideas for series and event miniseries from its original production teams working in each of its four hubs – Warsaw in Poland, Budapest in Hungary, Prague in the Czech Republic and Bucharest in Romania. Someday this content may appear in America at least on HBOGO.  HBO is worldwide entertainment!


  • BEYONCE: LIFE IS BUT A DREAM premieresbeyonce_redcarpet

Tuesday night, February 12 the premiere of Beyonce’s upcoming HBO documentary hit the red carpet in NYC. She sported the pictured Elie Saab gown and appeared with her husband Jay-Z, and her sister and mother, Solange and Tina Knowles. Celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Tyson Beckford also attended.

HBO premieres the one-of-a-kind documentary LIFE IS BUT A DREAM on February 16th at 9:00pm. HBOWatch will watch and review.









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