George R.R. Martin Meeting with Editors Generates New Book Buzz


In a recent entry on his blog, aptly titled “Not a Blog,” George R.R. Martin, author of the widely acclaimed A Song of Ice and Fire series, upon which the HBO show Game of Thrones is based, has excited many by merely mentioning that he will be meeting with his editors and publishers at an upcoming date. The author wrote a brief blog post detailing how he will soon be “headed east” to attend a wedding and a Game of Thrones themed baseball game, while stopping to talk to his team of agents and publishers along the way. People have been waiting for Martin’s next installment, Winds of Winter for so long that any slight suggestion of a hint that he might be coming to an end of his long, long writing process instantly sparks hot debate among fans as to whether the much anticipated book may finally be coming to bookstores soon.

Certainly, some signs seem to pointing in that direction, with Martin skipping multiple appearances at conventions in favor of working on his book, and producers of the HBO show, which will out-pace the books plotwise next season, keeping tight-lipped about upcoming events, perhaps to give Martin a chance to tell the story first. While a hint that Martin might be progressing in his writing is exciting,  any long-time fan of A Song of Ice and Fire knows that one should temper their excitement. Along the treacherous route of waiting for Winds of Winter, there have been many false hopes and confusions along the years, and as Martin has aptly said, the book will be ready when it is ready. Until then, speculation can only get us so far. Too often before have fans thought they picked up some subtle hint that Winds of Winter was completed, only to be disappointed. 

Martin has been explicit that he will be forth-coming about when the book is finished, and until then, there is little we can do but wait and wonder…Then again, we can hope. Martin has said that he hopes to complete the book before the next season of Game of Thrones,  and perhaps he will pull through. Keep your fingers crossed. Until then feel free to refresh Amazon hopelessly waiting for a pre-order.


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