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New Werewolf Recruited for True Blood

by Jacob Klein
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425.joe_.daniel.cm_.21511-300x222(E! Online) The fur is about to fly in Bon Temps!  HBO has confirmed to us the report that Daniel Buran has been cast as a werewolf in the upcoming fourth season of True Blood.

Where does the new hairy beast fit in with the rest of the TB gang? Check out the breakdown, plus the rest of your TV news roundup…

Daniel will be playing Raoul, the Shreveport packmaster. Which means he’ll be above Alcide (Joe Manganiello) in terms of werewolf rank. His role is described as “tough and intense,” and he’ll be recurring in at least seven episodes. Raoul’s first appearance will be in episode 4.05, titled “I Hate You, I Love You.” Guess we’ll be getting a werewolf showdown as well as a witch war this season. True Blood is back in June, so prepare fangbangers!

True Blood Season 4 Premieres this June!

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