New Updated HBO Movie Premiere Opener


Back in the day, when HBO was building its channel it was proud to tout big theatrical premieres on Saturday nights. To usher in each movie there was always a stylized opener. I found a clip that illustrates the changing intros through the years. Watch it below.

In the 1980’s the big splashy opening montage came to the screen, it is the one where we soar across the landscape and finally into the heavens where the HBO logo swoops in, and it stuck in everyone’s mind. It is in the montage above; remember it? Nowadays those graphics may not wow you, but the nostalgic impact of the clip and that stirring music sure do. It let you know that you were about to watch something awesome from HBO. If you got 10 minutes here is an HBO BEHIND THE SCENES look at that particular opener. I don’t think I’ve ever shown you this, have I?


Well, the cityscape opener has been upgraded now. It debuted with the debut of X-Men Apocalypse on 03.04.17. The biggest difference lies in the message now contained within the clip. If you watch closely you will see all the different ways you can enjoy the HBO experience. Here is the new version. 

It starts the same way. A couple with popcorn in hand sit to watch HBO and then out the window we go. We see others settling down to watch HBO until we pan out far enough to reveal that…hey…we all live in an HBO world!

Clearly, if I may offer my opinion, the older version holds a nostalgic factor for many and consequently seems to hold more impact as the HBO logo hovers over us all from space, but the new version isn’t bad. They both say that HBO is an epic part of your life. What do you think? You prefer the ‘80’s version of the 2017 update?  Let us know.


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