New Teasers for Game of Thrones Season Six Released

We’re expecting a trailer for HBO’s much anticipated sixth season of Game of Thrones any day now, but while we wait, HBO has treated us to three short teasers that center around three of the major Houses of Westeros, Stark, Lannister, and Targaryen. While the teasers, which focus around the battle-battered banners of each House and have no new footage from the latest season, leave a lot to the imagination, they do feature sound-bites from Season Six which offer oblique clues as to the future of each House in the upcoming season. The teasers are short and sweet– just enough to make us wish April 24th wasn’t so far away. In the mean time, let’s hope that this is a sign that the trailer isn’t too far away!

First up is the Targaryen teaser.

A Targaryen banner, looking much worse for the wear waves in a weak wind before a background of smoke and flames– a menacing male voice speaking Dothraki makes up most of the trailer. “You are nobody. The millionth of your name. Queen of nothing.” These threatening words are obviously directed at Daenerys, who we last saw alone and far from home, surrounded by hostile Dothraki hordes. After long enjoying the safety and security of her many titles, Season Six will find Dany back where she started, alone among savages without her dragons or her friends. It will be interesting to see what Daenerys’ fate is this season. Will the Dothraki mean her undoing, or will they become allies? Whatever the result of Dany’s interaction with the Dothraki, we can be sure by this teaser that she will have a hard time gaining their respect.

Next up is the Stark teaser with a similar format as the Targaryen one.

A shredded Stark banner waves before a snow storm. “Winterfell is mine, come and see,” Ramsay Bolton taunts. Who he is talking too, though? On my part, I feel that it is Jon Snow, Ramsay is addressing, due to the overbearing evidence, thanks to leaks and general logical thinking, that a reanimated Jon Snow will clash with the Bolton’s in the upcoming Season. The Stark banner could also suggest that Jon Snow will be reclaiming his Stark identity this Season, because otherwise the choices for whom Ramsay is talking to is pretty small, if we assume he is addressing a Stark. Sansa? Perhaps, but since she just bailed on Ramsay and already knows he has taken Winterfell, I find that unlikely. Bran? Perhaps, but I find this even more unlikely. Arya? I really completely doubt it. That leaves us with little Rickon, the reanimated corpse of Lady Stark, and the ghost of Ned Stark, all of whom I can almost assure you Ramsay Bolton is not addressing. Ultimately, it will be interesting to see if the Boltons finally face some backlash this season.

The last trailer in the trio released by HBO features House Lannister.

We see another House banner that has seen better days, with a sun setting over what looks to be King’s Landing. “Everyone of us is poor and powerless,” we hear the High Sparrow’s voice say, “And yet together we can overthrow an empire.” The High Sparrow was certainly working on overthrowing the power of the Lannisters, last season, and it’s easy to imagine that Jaime, Cersei, and their last remaining son and King of Westeros, Tommen  will continue to face harassment at the hands of the very power Cersei helped bring into being. The sun is setting over King’s Landing in the teaser, and one cannot help but wonder if this suggests that the power of Lannisters is slowly slipping away, just like the sunlight.

Overall, these teasers help give us an idea of some of the main conflicts of the upcoming season. Daenerys, out-numbered and alone will have to face Dothraki again, not as their beloved leader but as a woman who is seen as little more than a prize. The Boltons may finally get what is coming to them, thanks to a Stark or two. The Lannisters will continue to face the opposition of the High Sparrow, opposition that could mean the loss of all they hold dear. Season Six is looking promising! Let’s hope a trailer gets dropped soon! Now, what about your thoughts based on what you seen here?


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