New HBO Series ‘Girls’ gets Second Trailer

The new HBO series, Girls draws obvious comparisons to a ‘young Sex and the City’ but for many, that sounds like one of the greatest ideas ever. Girls focuses on the lives of 20 something women trying to cope with the realities of living in New York City. Life doesn’t usually (ever?) turn out the way we planned it in college and these girls are finding that out the hard way. The main character of the program refers to herself as a possible “voice of her generation” and we hope that this show turns out to be just that (being from that same generation myself, albeit a male!) Here is the latest trailer from the new series set to debut on HBO Sunday April 15th on HBO’s flagship station.

What do you think of the new program? Are you excited? Can you see the parallels to Sex and the City? Note your age and leave a comment below with your thoughts.

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