New Game of Thrones Commercial Spotted!

Blink and you’ll miss it! HBO apparently released a television commercial today, which a well-prepared fan, managed to snap pictures of and posted to Twitter. From what we can see, there’s a lot of new exciting footage in the commercial, ranging from White Walkers to what looks to be a Tower of Joy flashback. With thirty days to go until the premier of the much anticipated sixth season of Game of Thrones, it would be great if HBO would share the love, and release this newest commercial to the Internet so we can all ogle at it to our heart’s content, and sate a tiny bit of our hunger for a glimpse of Game of Thrones. In the meantime, let’s take a look at the images that we have of the commercial.

Warning: Season Six Spoilers Below!

Starting off, we see some familiar faces…

Surrounded by hostile Dothraki hordes, Daenaerys does not look like her usual composed self. On the other hand, Ramsay Bolton is the picture of confidence, with an enormous army at his back. Moving on, we see what looks to be the point of view from someone (probably Daenaerys) riding on Drogon over the Dothraki– it looks like we know how Dany is getting out of a sticky situation! Perhaps most interesting of all, is the final blurry photo in the collection, which looks to be a flashback to the Tower of Joy, a locale in which Jon Snow’s parentage may finally be revealed. We can’t wait!

Moving on, we see Jaime Lannister looking nonplussed, and possibly conversing with the High Sparrow. Meanwhile, the newly blinded Arya stares vacantly into space, and the newly freed Theon stares intensely at someone. Sansa Stark glances back nervously, in a shot which seems similar to the footage from the trailer in which she and Theon run into some Bolton interference outside the walls of Winterfell.

You can see all of the photos on Twitter, but perhaps the most striking is a simple shot of a White Walker grabbing Bran Stark’s hand. After the tense ending of the Season Six trailer, in which Bran came face to face with perhaps the greatest evil in Westeros (albeit presumably only in a vision), it will be interesting to see how the altercation plays out, and what the audience learns from it.

Let’s hope that we get to see this commercial in its full form soon! From what we can see, it looks exactly as epic as we would expect for Game of Thrones,


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