New Footage of GIRLS S2 in “Critics Spot” Trailer

HBO’s comedy-series Girls returns with its Second Season this Sunday, and HBO has released another trailer while continuing to gear up for it’s first premiere of the new year. Titled “Critics Spot”, the trailer includes lots of new footage from Seaon Two and a few quotes from… you guessed it, critics! Girls met a fair amount of criticism in Season One for its witty, humorous, yet somewhat off-color storyline. However, fans of the series maintain that creator Lena Dunham’s accurate depiction of girls living in their 20’s is unlike any that has ever been on TV. Whatever your opinion, the new series is surely going to continue more of the same comedic elements from Season One. The four girls from Brooklyn continue to navigate their lives, “one mistake at a time”, starting this Sunday at 9 pm EST only on HBO!

Here’s the new trailer:


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