New Casting Call for “Game of Thrones” Season Six Leaked


The filming for the next season of “Game of Thrones” is already well underway, but actors are still being cast, according to recent casting leaks. A few days ago, the Game of Thrones fan-site and news conglomerate Watchers on the Wall released news of a recently leaked casting call for Season Six. According to Watchers on the Wall, the role is described as “the best remaining part of the season,” and calls for a haggard looking white actor in his fifties to film in Northern Ireland this December. Although the character’s name is not provided, he is described as intelligent and articulate. The casting call also mentions that the character has a long scene which mostly involves him talking. Given the description of the character and the filming location, it is safe to say that the casting call is probably for a Westerosi lord–most likely a Northern one. This makes sense given the rumors that Northern families will take the stage in the upcoming season–hopefully finally standing up to the Boltons.  Although there is a possibility that the casting call is for a character created by the show, there are several likely candidates to choose from from the Northern rebels in A Dance with Dragons. The character which best suits the casting call’s description is the Northern lord Robert Glover– however, many speculate that the call could be for a different character, who the show might be taking artistic liberties with, such as Wyman Manderly, who champions the Northern rebellion in the books. Manderly is grossly obese in A Song of Ice and Fie, but given the show’s precedent for changing character’s appearances before, it is not impossible to believe that HBO  might be re-imagining his character.  Another possibility for the character is Smalljon Umber or Howland Reed–neither of whom match the description of the casting call, but with the show, you never know. As the show continues to film, it is highly likely that we will gain greater insight into who the character will be, either from leaked photos or an official announcement by HBO. For now, we can only watch and wait.

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