Netflix Would Prefer to Work with HBO

reed_hasting-300x300Though relations in the past have been strained between the content producing network, HBO and the content distributor, Netflix, it would appear that the latter company is ready to try working with the former.  Recently, Netflix purchased an original series, House of Cards for $100 million, outbidding both Showtime and HBO for the program.  When confronted by an audience member at the All Things D  Conference, Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings expressed his love for premium cable content saying he’d much rather give that money to HBO for the rights to their programming than spend it on risky original series’.

Netflix hasn’t given up hope on HBO, Reed added that the deal will probably go through when the checks are big enough.  The company is one of the hottest tech stocks available right now and it surely has the money if HBO is willing to sell.   In the past, HBO has argued that $7.99 per subscription, with only a tiny royalty making it’s way to HBO itself  just isn’t enough compensation to justify letting Netflix carry its content.   And with HBOGo now a prominent part of HBO’s arsenal, it’s tough to say whether or not Game of Thrones will ever arrive at your house in a little red envelope.  Maybe for season two…?

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