Neil Gaiman’s ‘American Gods’ Coming to HBO

american_godsonHBONeil Gaiman’s American Gods is making it’s way to HBO’s premium cable network.   American Gods is a Hugo and Nebula Award-winning novel by Neil Gaiman. The novel is a blend of Americana, fantasy, and various strands of ancient and modern mythology, all centering on a mysterious and taciturn protagonist, Shadow.  The central precept of the novel is that gods and mythological creatures exist because people believe in them. Immigrants to the United States brought with them dwarves, elves, leprechauns, and other spirits and gods. However, the power of these mythological beings has diminished as people’s beliefs wane. New gods have arisen, reflecting America’s obsessions with media, celebrity, technology, and drugs, among others.

An odd concept to base the now planned six season arc around but we can’t wait to see what they do with the 40 million dollar budget reportedly being spent on the first 10-12 episode season.  Tom Hanks’ Playtone will be producing the show but we do not know yet whether or not Mr Hanks will play a major role in production.  The show will debut no earlier than 2013.

HBOWatch will have more details on the show as we get closer to principal filming.


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