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Movies on HBO: HOUSE PARTY (2023)

by Jef Dinsmore
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I guess we better acknowledge the latest new movie on the schedule, right? Well, just based on its trailer alone I wonder how they could totally scrap Batgirl yet have no problem putting this out. But you decide. HOUSE PARTY, anyone? 

Of course, we know that this HOUSE PARTY is a return to the premise from the movie of the same title from 1990 and its two sequels. The original movie, from Reginald Hudlin, starred Kid ‘n Play. The franchise went on with two direct-to-video releases as well. Now a filmmaker that goes by the name of Calmatic has brought the basic premise back. In fact, this 2023 version was to be an exclusive HBO Max movie released in July 2022, HBOWatch had it on its Movie Schedule page, but redirection at WB gave it a theatrical release instead in December 2022. It just now made its HBO appearance. The franchise centers Movies_HousePartyaround the creation of the biggest party in the neighborhood that cannot be missed if you want to be in the ‘in crowd.’ In the original, Play’s parents are out of town, and he’s planning the ultimate house party to rival the ages and Kid goes to whatever lengths to get there. As is the tradition with the series I guess, a number of guests at the party are a who’s who of celebrity cameos. The hook to the latest outing is the locale of the big house party of the year. This time out, as that trailer indicates the party is in LeBron James’ house while he’s away. It seems Kevin (Jacob Latimore) and Damon (Tosin Cole) are house cleaners by profession, and they land a job at James’ mansion. As the premise goes, when the adults are away, the kids will play, and the big house party commences. But this party doesn’t draw a lot of fans. Oh, the party is well attended as the movie does still feature celebrity appearances, including Kid ’n Play, but the critics weren’t into it. RT summed it up this way –  


But we do not want to rain on your party. By all means, if you are so inclined to not miss out then find HOUSE PARTY on HBO Max and across HBO’s cable channels.    

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