Movie_BagClaimPosterHBOWatch Editors were not able to line-up a writer to review BAGGAGE CLAIM, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to draw your attention to the romantic comedy playing on HBO.

BAGGAGE CLAIM premiered on Saturday, 08.09 and will air the following dates on the main channel: 08.10, 08.14, 08.17, 08.20, 08.23, 08.26 and 08.30 as well as on HBOGo. This comedy finds a flight attendant looking for a male suitor the only way she can which is while on the job. IMDB states it this way –  

Determined to get engaged before her youngest sister’s wedding, flight attendant Montana Moore (Paula Patton) finds herself with only 30 days to find Mr. Right. Using her airline connections to “accidentally” meet up with eligible ex-boyfriends and scour for potential candidates, she racks up more than 30,000 miles and countless comedic encounters, all the while searching for the perfect guy.

Here is the trailer HBO has been running:


And here is what Rotten Tomato says:



So is this a rom-com worthy or your attention? Is her man to be found in those 30,000 miles? If you check it out don’t forget to come back and tell us below what we missed.

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