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Movie Review: The Peanuts Movie

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What a welcome movie for both children and adults. Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang are all showcased in this movie and the beauty of it is that the movie is done in 3D computer
animation. We find our loveable characters happy and frolicking around due to a snow day. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Peanuts movie without our main blockhead Charlie Brow, who is always in one comical bind or another. While out and about having fun, the kids discover that a new family is moving to town. Who could this new student be? Will they be fun? Is it a boy or a girl? The fateful day arrives and the newcomer proves to be none other than The Little Red Headed Girl. When she shows up at school Charlie Brown becomes smitten. However, as is his way, he always worries about one thing or another; this time he’s worried that this new girl will see him as a clumsy buffoon.

In a series of comical events, Charlie Brown attempts to impress this little girl by participating in the school talent show. He ends up rescuing his sister Sally, as her act was went awry but he ends up making a spectacle of himself in the process. He attempts to take dancing lessons, in the hopes that the redhead will notice his suave moves. His plan doesn’t exactly pan out: he ends up ruining the dance by tripping over the audio system, causing the speakers and wires to fall down and the music. Typical, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

When Charlie is paired up with the little girl to write a book report, he’s thrilled. However, he ends up doing most of the work himself, as the Little Red Headed Girl has to deal with some family illness. Of all books to choose, he picks “War and Peace.” Not exactly light reading. When he ends up doing perfect on a test, his popularity shoots through the roof. Alas, Charlie Brown doesn’t have much time to revel in his high streaks: it turns out that the perfect test score belonged to Peppermint Patty and the infamous Red Baron destroys Charlie Brown’s book report. Major bummer. Good grief, Charlie Brown!

Once summer arrives, the Little Red Haired Girl chooses Charlie as her pen pal. Full of doubt and on low self-esteem, Linus intervenes and tells Charlie Brown to tell her about his feelings. The path to true love was never an easy one. On a side note, the hilarious adventures of Snoopy and the Red Baron take place. We see Snoopy valiantly fight the Red Baron over farm fields, ridges of mountains and over towns. He saves Fifi, his love, from the Red Baron and while all of this is going down, Snoopy is actually typing this on an old typewriter. Crabby Lucy decides to give her opinion Movies_PeanutsSnoopy-300x240on Snoopy’s story (she was never a happy go lucky kid) and in order to get even, Snoopy licks her face, causing her to shriek in disgust. All so cute and fun!

If you want to watch an animated movie that gives you the nostalgia we associate with the Peanuts gang, with a few laughs thrown in for good measure, then this is a fantastic movie to watch. As an adult, I really enjoyed the way the animation was displayed. And of course, I love Snoopy, so perhaps I am a bit biased.

Are you biased? Do you like this divergent style of animation? Does this movie capture the feelings you have for the gang? Let us know below.

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