Movie Review: Rio 2


As far as animated movies go, this one was a treat and is the sequel to the Rio movie that came out in 2011. It takes place in the Amazon rainforest. This movie features the voice talents of Jamie Foxx, Jesse Eisenberg, Anne Hathaway, George Lopez, Leslie Mann and Tracy Morgan.

In the beginning, we see where Blu and Jewel left off – they now have three children – Carla, Bia and Tiago. Adventure ensues: Blu’s former owner, Linda and her husband, Tulio, happen to be in the Amazon and are researching other exotic birds. They witness a rare bird – a very fast flying spix macaw and it loses one feather. It doesn’t take long before the jungle community finds out about this small mishap and guess what? Jewel feels the right thing to do is help find these blue macaws. The three kids are keen and look forward to this new adventure. Blu does not look thrilled and in the end capitulates under pressure.

As with Movies_Rio2-Nigel-230x300anything to do with the Amazon, there are elements of good at work, and elements of evil trying to prevent good from triumphing. An illegal logging operation is underway and the crude boss, “Big Boss” really wants to put a stop to Tulio and Linda’s expedition by any means how. Enter Nigel the Cockatoo – remember him from the first film? He survived the plane crash and you just know this means bad news for our family of five birds and two humans who want to help out. A chance encounter sees Blu and family fly overhead of Nigel. Angry and desperate to get revenge, Nigel seeks out two henchmen to help with his plans – an anteater named Charlie and a poison frog named Gabi. Unbeknownst to Nigel, Gabi has feelings for him. This may end up complicating things.

Blu and family take a boat to try and get to the jungle but upon arrival, they find nobody there. They are taken to a group of blue macaws that have been hiding in secret – and with good cause – the secret hiding place is a beautiful paradise. They meet several of Jewel’s family members and friends – her father, her aunt Mimi and Roberto. Like any good father in law, Eduardo doesn’t take too warmly to Blu, mainly because of his domesticated skills.

Panic ensues: Tulio and Linda are caught and trapped by the loggers. Blu, for his troubles, is having a hard time fitting in with the rest of the macaws, as they are all mistrustful and fearful of humans in general. Blu wanders off to get a Brazilian nut and goes into hostile territory without realizing it – he wandered into the Scarlet Macaw’s turf. Their leader, Felipe, is a pretty hostile fellow. The ‘battle’ that takes place ends up like a sporting match and Blu loses the flock’s food when he scores on his own team’s net.

Blu goes to visit Tulio and Linda’s expedition site, only to notice that it has been tampered with and he quickly discovers that Movies_Rio2-poster-208x300loggers have been destroying the rainforest. He sends Roberto to warn everyone about what’s happening. He saved a grateful Linda and Tulio and before Big Boss has a chance to detonate some explosive dynamite, Blu steals it. Blu wants the macaws and the rest of the animals to defend their turf against Big Boss and the immoral logging crew. In the ensuing chaos, Nigel takes advantage and surprises Blu. Fighting ensues – Blu versus Nigel in a web of tangled vines and twigs. Gabi and Charlie come to the rescue and shoot Nigel with a supposedly poison dart that has Gabi’s poison on it. Nigel goes out all dramatic and Gabi, heartbroken, decides to join him in an apparent suicide. Big Boss gets his just desserts by way of a very hungry boa constrictor. All is well, the bad guys are vanquished, the good guys are happy and Tulio and Linda have taken the flock into their care and protection.

Gabi and Nigel are caught by Tulio and taken back to Rio. Blu and Jewel live in the Amazon with their family and they make a pact to visit Rio, but only in the summer. Kids will enjoy the funny antics, the action and the slapstick comedy.

The family fun of the beautifully animated Rio 2 debuts Saturday, January 03, 2015 at 8:00pm. What a cute way to start the year!

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