Movie Review: Edge of Tomorrow


Was that your first time watching Edge of Tomorrow? You probably have some questions. It’s understandable; that ending and just the whole issue of time tampering, it definitely left the audience wondering what went on exactly.

Looper explained the issue with time travel in movies the best by having Bruce Willis issue the statement to not think about it or you’ll be there all day going back and forth (don’t worry, that is not a spoiler if you haven’t seen it). So let’s take that approach with this review. We aren’t going to focus on the issue of time travel and tampering. Let’s look at the movie without focusing on that. The minute that we do, it actually turns into a pretty great time.

Aliens have landed on earth and and have taken over the larger part of Europe and Asia. Tom Cruise plays a very believable PR officer, Major William Cage of the United Defense Forces who is sent to the front lines to show their “progress” during a large invasion. His initial preparation before heading to the front lines is probably the strongest part of the movie; which is a very good thing since that scene is repeated for the majority of the movie. It is pretty entertaining the first few times and the character makes all the choices you would expect a regular person to make. Eventually, we move to the reason for Tom’s dilemma and the source of the aliens’ power. This is where viewers are asked to really buy into the movie; you can either accept it here or just have a bad time. 

Answers come in the form of Sergeant Rita Vrataski (pictured) who was very exciting for me at first. It was nice to see a hero of Movies_EdgeOftomorrow_Blunt-300x126war who is being celebrated (paraded actually) and happens to be a woman. I thought this was the beginning of a very strong female character and perhaps she was but I didn’t really see it. She didn’t garner as much respect as I would have hoped and it would have been great for her to be the heroine in the end rather than just get Major Cage to where he needed to be.

It was nice to see that the repetition did not hurt the movie and the director knew when to speed up and slow down. Despite the small character or plot holes, it was a solid delivery. This kind of story has the potential to fail in a big way and they managed to hold it together pretty well. A large strength of the movie was showing the futuristic DDay assault from so many angles.

Eventually, Cage discovers that they have to stop the aliens at its source (the omega) in order to take away their very large advantage. Part of me was just generally relieved when Cage decided to screw to war and went into London. The aliens attacking despite his actions provides him with the much needed boost to continue on. When Cage and company decide to storm Paris, it really help to shake off any tediousness of the repetition and part of me wishes more of the movie was able to show the battle fields in Europe and the aftermath. Movies_EdgeOfTomorrow_Cruise-300x153There is definitely some debate to be had over the ending and it does feel like there was more that was originally intended. In the end, the happy turn of events leaves us with a warm feeling and hope that everyone will be okay…until the aliens decide to invade again.

The movie premiered on Saturday, February, 07 and airs several more times across HBO’s East & West feeds, HBO Latino and HBO Signature from now and into March. It can also be found on HBOGo.  Here is the official Trailer.

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