Movie Review: 2 Guns

Movie_2GunsPosterYou could almost think of an alternate title for this movie: “2 Thugs.” 2 Guns is not a typical cop buddy movie – it is an action movie, infused with some humor. Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg are the main characters in this crime movie, about drug lords, truckloads of money and a lot of double crosses.

Who is double crossing who in this movie? Denzel portrays Robert Trench and Mark portrays Michael Stigman, and the pair start off as criminals being interrogated about a meeting with a very shady drug lord, Manny Greco (played by Edward James Olmos, pictured). Stigman is unaware that Trench is an undercover DEA agent who has been tailing Greco for some time, in order to secure evidence that would eventually convict him in court. Trench and Stigman end up robbing millions of dollars from Greco, because that would be evidence enough to indict him on money laundering.

Movie_2GunsOlmosAs always with crime movies, there’s always a deal to be had – in this case, it involves a lot of money and a lot of hidden agendas. Not everyone in this movie is as they seem, and just because someone works in law enforcement, doesn’t exactly mean that they are always upholding it. No, lots of crooked people in high up positions want to get their hands on the money for their own selfish purposes. Corruption runs rampant in this movie.

Trench has absolutely no clue that Stigman is actually a member of the Navy SEALS. Go figure – these two are the blind leading the blind, because one is just as bad as the other! Trench has to report his lack of evidence to his superior, Jessup; while Stigman has direct orders from his superior, Quince, to obtain a huge amount of money from drug lord Greco – $3 million – so that the Navy can somehow, someway fund operations that aren’t legal, strictly speaking. There’s one catch: Quince wants Stigman to kill Trench. You know, tie up all the loose ends. Well, we all know about the best laid plans. They never quite turn out the way you want them to.

Instead of $3 million, Trench and Stigman are quite surprised to find that the amount is actually $43 million in the vault. Mo’ money, mo’ problems, as Puff Daddy and Biggie once waxed poetic. Double crossing your partner is brilliant, because, hey, what could ever go wrong? Am I right? Instead of killing Trench, Stigman wounds him in the shoulder. The money then ends up in Corpus Christi, where it will be transferred to Movie_2GunsThugsa Naval base. Enter Bill Paxton’s character, a highly aggressive man named Earl who demands to know where all that money has disappeared to. Earl is pretty seedy, too: he arranges the murder of Jessup and frames it on Trench. However, if Trench returns that $43 million, then all be forgiven and he will be cleared. However, in order to get his hands on the money, he has to go to Stigman’s apartment to find out where it’s been taken. Stigman isn’t stupid and isn’t just waiting for people to show up and pop him off. The two get together, kidnap drug lord Greco, go to Deb’s garage and find out that Earl isn’t what he seems. Yeah, another con man – Earl, who was Greco’s right hand man, also happens to be a Black Ops agent, who just ‘happen’ to steal money from the CIA.

And let’s not forget the very attractive Paula Patton, who plays Trench’s lover, and just happens to be seeing another man on the side. The trick here is not to allow yourself to be deceived by anyone even law enforcement, Navy SEALS or a gorgeous woman. Everyone has their own stake in the money. Of course, another fight ensues; the mystery man that Deb was seeing on the side was Quince (a little pillow talk, perhaps?) and what do you know? A standoff occurs. Except, this is not the average Mexican standoff that you see in the old Westerns, no. This involves Trench riding in a car full of money. BOOM! The car explodes, raining money Movie_2GunsPaxtoneverywhere. Clever distraction. Quince, Earl, Stigman and Trench are all shooting at each other. Drug lord Greco is killed; Quince and Earl are shot and justice is more or less served. Oh, the money? Well, it seems that Trench didn’t blow all of it up. Maybe there’s some lying around. Payback is a you know what, because Trench shoots Stigman in the leg, just to settle the score.

If you like fast paced action, lots of seedy characters, shady deals and snarky behavior, then I would recommend this movie. As a woman, Washington and Wahlberg are pretty nice eye candy, too.

We hope we didn’t spoil it for you! Check out 2 Guns when it debuts Saturday, August 16th. Here is a preview.

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