Movie IN AMERICA to Become HBO Series

Movies_InAmerica-203x300Back in 2002 a movie entitled IN AMERICA did well on the big screen and at award season. Writer/director Jim Sheridan was behind that movie and he garnered an Oscar nomination for writing the piece. Now Mr. Sheridan and his two daughters, who also were billed as writers of the film, are bringing the concept to HBO as a dramatic series. The movie –

centers on an Irish family who, broke and looking for a fresh start, settles in an apartment building in the Bronx where they struggle to befriend their neighbors, also immigrants, and realize they all have one thing in common: a past that continues to haunt them.

To put it in better perspective here is the trailer.

Jim Sheridan (pictured) and his daughters Naomi and Kirsten will executive produce the series that will flesh out the story of the immigrant People_JimSheridan-202x300family which apparently is somewhat autobiographical. There has been no definition as to how many episodes have been planned or any other detail. It is surely, however, to be a rich and beautiful story from Sheridan who is behind two wonderful Daniel Day-Lewis movies, My Left Foot and In The Name Of The Father. It will be interesting to see how this one develops. For those inclined check out In America on Netflix or ITunes. It has been on HBOGo, but is not listed at this time; with this news it might just reappear.  As this project comes to fruition HBOWatch will look at it in more detail.    

  (Source: Deadline)

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