Mothers of the Throne

With Mother’s Day around the corner, what better way to celebrate mothers than thinking about the women giving life and protecting those vying for the Iron Throne. While my preferences might disagree with yours, I have ranked the mothers from least to most favorite. Feel free to add your own ideas into the comments. Here we go!

7. Cersei


Mama Lion will do anything to protect her cubs. Including preparing to poison them before the enemy can get to them (you got lucky, Tommen. Joffrey, no one cares about you.) But at this point, her cubs are dropping like flies. How much fiercer will the mama lion get to keep what’s left of her family safe? Knowing Cersei, she’ll stop at nothing.


6. Catelyn


Aww, Cat. I miss you. Being a Stark/Tully hybrid myself, your strong, maternal instincts were inspiring. You took in your husband’s “bastard.” Although the jury is still out on that one. And you didn’t love him like your own, but you didn’t leave him to die in the cold either. Which would have been totally bitchy, but within your right as Ned’s lawful wife. Maybe your strength will continue on, not in this life…but the next…


5. Melisandre


How many women do you know who got mysteriously pregnant and birthed some kind of magic? Mary, mother of Jesus, and this chick. Her shadow bundle of joy isn’t necessarily that, but it gets the job done. Her story may unfold more this season, and I’m certainly looking forward to knowing more about her magic. With her age, there might be more than one shadow baby that’s trolled around. In any case, she’s all sorts of badass.


4. Ellaria Sand


If there is any woman on this list I would be legitimately afraid of but also in awe of, it is Ellaria. She’s unapologetic of her sexual desires and prowess, but she’s also uniquely maternal and protective. Not of just her children but also her country. Don’t cross her or her babies. Or turn your back. Or kiss her. She’s just plain lethal.


3. Gilly


Talk about strength of character! Gilly abandons everything she has ever known in order to save and protect her child. She leaves her home, her family, her baby daddy/her daddy (eww) to make sure her son has a future beyond being baby food for the ice monsters. It’s not entirely logical to wander into the cold wasteland, but it’s maternal instinct to protect your child. She’ll endure whatever she has to…just not her creepy father/baby daddy. Which is totally fair.


2. Lady Olenna Tyrell


Not only did she take out that douche Joffrey (holla) but she’s also a badass granny to boot. Her son is unfortunately not the leader he could be or should be, but Lady Olenna has no problem picking up the slack. She’s practically raising her grandchildren and making sure they have more political prowess than their father. Any women who is nicknamed the Queen of Thorns deserves some praise. Her prickly nature hasn’t earned her a ton of admirers, but her sarcastic nature has certainly won me.


1. Daenerys Targaryen


Mother of Dragons. Her own title says all that needs to be said. Not only is she a mother, she’s a mother of fire-breathing, flying beasts of fury. Her own human child was lost in the attempt to save her love Khal Drogo (RIP) from beyond the veil. But in return, she fosters three creatures of mighty power and strength to advance her return to the Iron Throne.


There you have it! My list of favorite mothers on Game of Thrones. Is there anyone you like who didn’t make my cut? Or someone on my list you would ax? Don’t forget your moms this coming Mother’s Day! Head over to the HBO site for some mom swag!

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